Create digital content (and don’t be lazy)


Write your digital content

Digital content has created a new virtual reality. One thing that really frustrates me when I’m online is that many writers have moved away from writing for people. The reality is it’s no longer about cramming your content with keywords and writing for robots and really, should that have been the case at all? The algorithms used now are so sophisticated that they actively reward valuable contribution. Neil Patel and others are successful marketers because they create useful and informative content. If there’s one thing you take away from this article it’s knowing that you should write for people. Your content is for them after all, not for you or R2-D2. Speaking to your existing clients is a great way to establish what works and what doesn’t. Take criticism and build on it.

Try to avoid passive voice, long sentences or overly complex explanations. It’s about them, not us, so focus your efforts on creating useful and informative content as discussed. Like most, I occasionally overlook typos, grammatical errors and other easily made mistakes. I’d recommend getting a couple of people to read over your work before publishing. This seems obvious but I’ve read numerous articles where additional letters or lack of said letter has changed the entire meaning of the sentence. For example, consider this: “I will defiantly be there!” versus “I will definitely be there!” The former means in a manner that shows open resistance or bold disobedience. The latter is without doubt (used for emphasis). This isn’t going to come up in your spell checker because the spelling of both is correct.

What you write is incredibly important because it is often your readers’ first impression of your product or service. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board several times before publishing something. We’re all incredibly busy people between work, our home life and other important commitments. Choose quality over quantity, always. People often fall down here because they feel that they need to post every moment of the day to achieve the best results. It shows when you invest time in things that you do. Limit your content to valuable and useful information.

Using images in your content

Take your own images to showcase your product or service. Most of the images on my site were taken in Japan and all excluding my headshot were taken by me personally. If you’re a creative entity, this is satisfying and it will also avoid you requiring expensive stock image subscriptions. I’m not telling you to jet off to Asia but in a world of smartphones and editing software, it’s much easier to create digital imagery than you think. I appreciate that in some cases, particularly high value e-commerce, it may be appropriate to employ a photographer to capture the essence of your product or service. People like to see what you do, know your values and understand your intentions.¬†Images are a fantastic way to demonstrate this and to strengthen your brand.

Relevance is key. Don’t use images because you think that you should. On the same token, don’t leave images out in circumstances where they have a particular purpose. If you’re doing something out of the norm, let people know about it. Sometimes they’re totally unrelated to your product or service. When I was raising money for Mind Carlisle & Eden I ventured to the summit of Mount Fuji in the heart of Japan. Throughout, I kept a strong social media presence with lots of images. Because of the generous donations of others, I raised over a thousand pounds. I would not have raised anything if those people were unaware of my intention to climb Fuji. The same can be said about marketing a product, generally.

What digital content should I publish?

This is dependent upon your business but I’d really recommend getting to grips with social media platforms. They provide a cost-effective solution to reach your target market. If your content is good then you’ll build a gathering. By utilising social media, your content could be read by hundreds if not, thousands of users. Coupled with an easy to use website, this could lead to an exceptional return on investment. Whilst paid advertising is an option it is no substitute for genuinely informative content, an easy to use website and a social media presence. Marketing is as expensive as you want it to be. There are so many free and inexpensive tools at your disposal but the most valuable thing in marketing is knowledge and experience. That is where I can help you.

I’ve worked with large and small organisations to write content, develop marketability and ultimately to increase conversions. I’m not looking to provide a quick fix because I’d rather set the foundations for a longer term plan. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. A steady stream of digital content will get you noticed but it will take thought and consideration to ensure your content is suitable for your target market. Evaluating the results of marketing campaigns is something I can assist you with. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee and discuss your marketing needs. You can contact me through the website, simply click here and leave a message.