Best practices for marketers during the pandemic


Marketers require sensitivity to what is going on in people’s lives right now. The impact of COVID-19 cannot be underestimated and the analysis of historic customer data will likely be inconsistent with current times when marketing a service or product. The best marketers can adapt to the ever-shifting landscape of trending user behaviour. Not through trying to make a quick sale but through the provision of a genuinely useful service or product in all the circumstances.

Give something back

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that a company has wider commitments to manage social, environmental and economic matters. Never has this been as relevant as it is now. Cumbria is a small close-knit community and a business model that has ethical principles really stands out here. If you’re doing something good, let us know!

The way forward is with genuine empathy and a versatile approach to current needs. I have noticed that some organisations have really stepped up during the pandemic. Locally, it has been great to see so many businesses and charities providing essential services and personal protective equipment. Once we return to some form of normality, (whatever that entails) these actions will be remembered. Marketing should not be put on hold, in fact it has been suggested that the budget should be expanded to ensure a strong presence as the economy replenishes.

Be ready for the new normal

Many people are holding back until things ‘return to normal’ and this is not wise but let me explain why. First and foremost, scientists have predicted that social distancing may be around as late as 2022. As an entrepreneur or business owner looking to continue trading through this epidemic careful thought should be given to innovation. I have enjoyed reading and talking about pragmatic solutions to help businesses trade safely, from home and in new ways. The one thing this virus has taught me is that there are a million ways to do the same thing. Utilising technology has been vastly important.

Whilst it is easy to let the uncertainty stop you in your tracks, don’t be afraid to explore new ways of working. I’d say now more than ever is the time to experiment and explore new ways of working.